an all time great post of info in advance

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jesse J., May 23, 2003.

  1. Bah mine was completely wrong :D

    "The market should bottom at 8328 tomorrow evening "
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  2. Jesse Jesse Jesse,

    Remember my post to you about you having a Yahoo! message board like mentality about seeking congratulations about anything you said that was correct....

    here's the ugly side of the coin for Yahoo! like posters like you that will NEVER acknowlege or rarely acknowledge...

    you have been wrong...are wrong...

    and will continue to look like some teenage kid seeking applause about the good stuff while hiding in the basement about the bad calls.

    As someone has already pointed out...

    you made a promise to leave the board if you were wrong about the Dow... had to say this...

    Lets see if you return...break your promise after being wrong.

    Simply, its time for you to get another alias if you want to continue posting or go into permanent lurk mode...

    even better...keep your promise.

    Narcissistic behavior its not a good feature for a trader that doesn't post his trades in realtime.

    P.S. Amtrak has cheap train fares for emergency departures...65% off one-way tickets only.

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  3. hehe.

    Is he kidding?
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  4. thank you all for the accolades, they're much appreciated.

    I'll try to give this board all the integrity of my visions coming up..

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  5. To all ET members:
    OK folks, its friday, start of memorial day weekend and I am home from work early. Got some laundry in the machine and I took a minute to look at the ET threads. This one in particular is always good for a laugh. Look, anybody that wants to seem to be "visionary" like Mr. James, its not that hard. Here's what you do. Just send your "prediction" out to a group of people (Website, Chatroom, doesn't matter) and to another group of people send the opposite "prediction". One of your "predictions" is gonna be correct. This cuts your audience in half but hey, thats ok. Then do it again, and again. After a while, you have a small audience of folks who have seen you "predict" the market over and over without fail. Your a genius, just like this gentleman. Then all you have to do is send out your solicitation for a subscription, and Voila! you have a business!! Of course, your nothing more than a con artist, but for the moment you have everyones attention, right? I love it! Well best regards to all the "visionaries" out there. Please don't change a thing. I need a good chuckle now and then.
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  6. ha ha i love how this got moved to chit chat :D
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  7. I gotta agree...
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  8. it's here in chit chat now.

    where the umpire can take his so called power, and delete the thread if he chooses. Now that's real power.

    Let's see if it works: babak is a disgruntled canadian, full of mad cow, who envies the U.S. and it's human rights.

    That's why he censors this forum. It makes his worthless life feel slightly more empowered.

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