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    We are very pleased to announce the launch of the completely new eSignal, version 11.

    The new platform has been completely re-engineered from the ground up and is much faster and provides an incredible new GUI. eSignal 11 features match closely with 10.6 and expand well beyond the 10 series platform.

    eSignal 11 includes:
    • All the Best Features of eSignal – They’re all still here … reliable data, advanced charting, decision support tools including EFS and back testing, choice of brokers and more. Allowing our clients to trade successfully by using use the best data and tools available.
    • View, Sort and Scan in One Convenient View – Look for opportunities right in your Watch List. Display technical indicators from our extensive library of studies and sort them multiple ways to uncover the best opportunities.
    • Money Management Planner – Automatically execute your trades using preset multiple targets and multiple stops.
    • Fast Order Placement – Make instant modifications with a single click to react to today’s fast moving markets.
    • Research Window – Access Company profiles, financials, earnings estimates, analyst ratings and more to augment your technical analysis.
    • Speed – Experience multi-threaded and 64-bit technology for today’s high-volume, fast moving markets.
    • Market Stats Engine – Identify market direction using more than 350 market stats complemented by hundreds of predefined Hot Lists.
    --- Keep reading for a vital summary of what is in eSignal 11, or try out the training video for a walkthrough.---

    New Windows / Features

    Studies / Formulas in Watch List
    One of the biggest features to come out of eSignal 11 is the ability to put your studies and formulas into your Watch List—the new name for the Quote Window, see below. Any technical indicator that eSignal carries can now be loaded; even Add-On and custom EFS formulas! By doing so, you can create custom scanners by sorting lists of symbols with an unlimited number of possible trade setups. EFS and Add-On Studies (e.g. Arps Trender below) can even provide Buy / Sell signals.


    Trading / Money Management
    eSignal 11’s Trade Manger is dramatically improved to give you even more power and flexibility to trade as the market changes. It enables you to quickly place or modify orders with a single mouse click while viewing real-time market depth on a price ladder. The new layout of this window makes it more refined to take less space, yet includes more powerful tools below the ladder.

    Another powerful addition is the Money Management Planner. This tool enables the active trader to set an unlimited number of pre-defined stop and profit targets that is automatically sent to your broker once a position is opened.



    Research Window
    The Research window is a consolidated, single stop for all your equity research needs. Earnings Estimates, Analyst Ratings, Financial Ratios, and so much more round out this new offering. Bringing in all the best parts of eSignal and Interactive Data’s research together into one cohesive window.

    The best part about eSignal 11’s Research window? It’s all in one place and symbol-linked. Click on a stock from a Watch List to quickly access the vitals of that company when the Research window is part of your page. The Profile Page (shown below) provides all the significant highlights of the company in one consolidated view.


    Intuitive Interface
    Right away, the first thing users experience is the dramatic shift to a new, modern look and feel in the software. Toolbars no longer take up a large amount of space and the windows have depth and curves. The following features all relate to the new interface.


    Tabbed Pages
    Users have long requested the ability to support multiple pages within eSignal. We knew at the start that this would be a powerful feature and a must-have as it helps streamline a trader’s workflow for better performance throughout market hours. Using this feature is as simple as clicking Page -> Open; a new tab appears at the bottom of eSignal 11 with the name of the page you've selected.

    Docked Windows
    Have you ever been building a page in eSignal 10 and tried to get the windows lined up just right? It can be a frustrating endeavor, especially with many windows. eSignal 11 makes this simple with docking mode, which automatically lines up windows, allows the user to adjust the size of each and quickly move windows around. For those who prefer more control, the standard window mode allows complete freedom of window movement.

    In docking mode, moving windows around is just as easy as dragging a window to a new location; all the other windows adjust to the new location automatically. You can even drag a window out of the page… detaching windows is now just that easy! Ctrl + Drag brings a detached window back into eSignal 11.

    Simply put, a theme defines the look of the new eSignal. From colors of the menus and toolbars to the default schemes of each window type, a theme sets the tone for how the whole application appears. Take for example, the “Frost” theme seen above. Two themes are available and we have more themes on the way for 2011.

    Language Packs
    Embracing our global marketplace is also another goal for the next generation of our products, and eSignal 11 does just that with its new language packs. eSignal 11 has been translated into 8 different languages so far:

    • English
    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese


    Undo / Redo
    The ability to undo a mistake is an essential feature and has been missing in eSignal until now. One unique twist on eSignal 11’s implementation is how tasks tracked by the Undo / Redo feature are organized by window. Our Undo / Redo allows the user to back out errors in one window from earlier in the day without having to back all changes out for all other windows.

    Redesigned Windows
    Earlier versions of eSignal do a lot of things right as evidenced by the very popular Advanced Chart window. However, there were many areas we could improve on. As each window was brought in, we had the chance to holistically review our strategies. In some cases, we left windows the way they were with just interfaces changes, and in other areas there was a complete revamp. Read on for a summary of each.

    Watch List
    Many of eSignal’s window types have very similar features that duplicate common functions (i.e., Quote, Summary, Portfolio, Hot List). Throughout the design of the new application, we looked at where windows could come together into one cohesive, easy-to-use window. The new Watch List window does exactly this and more.

    The image below shows Hot Lists and Sector Lists inserted into a list of other symbols. Each section is separated by a comment, which enables the user to quickly collapse any symbol list into one row (as it is with the Commercial Banks sector in the example).

    The Summary window features are brought in through the use of an icon at the top (to the right of the “Default” header seen here). This enables the user to scroll symbols left and right instead of up and down. The portfolio functionality has also been merged with the inclusion of a new portfolio heading and columns to go along with it.


    Chart Window
    One of the key features in the new Chart window is the way each object is clickable…studies, lines, even the candles and bars are selectable. From there, you can drag and drop them to overlay or re-order them, or with just a quick double-click, you can edit the selected object. There are also toolbars that slide down into view, and then tuck back up into the title bar when you’re finished with them, to save you even more space.

    Just as we did with the Watch List, the goal of the Chart window is to combine the majority of all graphical windows from the eSignal 10 series (e.g., Standard Chart, Point and Figure, Market Profile) into one cohesive area. The design of such pieces is still in process, and we expect to complete this integration over the next few versions.


    What’s Still to Come
    While eSignal 11 introduces many new and redesigned features, not everything has been brought over yet from the eSignal 10.x series. This comparison matrix provides what is in eSignal 11 and what has not yet been implemented. Please note that eSignal 11 is constantly in development, and this is a snapshot of where the product is as of today.
  2. Thanks for that comparison list. Very informative. I, and I am sure others here, use the broker interface to make one trade a month to take advantage of the exchange fee waiver. Will that work on the initial issue of 11 through the order ticket?
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    It will work great in eSignal 11... in fact the trading tools are much more advanced than that of 10.6, so I'd encourage you to check it out.
  4. Thanks Jay for your update.

    I have been using eSignal for ages now, but let me tell you. Since version 8.0, it never mattered what upgrades/improvements you made b/c it crashes all the time. I have 28 charts up and running and nothing more. other features such as T&S, high/lows, etc just crashes the system. So while it's good to hear about these upgrades, how does it serve me? everyone at my work who use esignal do the same thing I do. Thx.
  5. Thanks. Good to know. But I may let you shake it down a bit first.
  6. Well, I just wasted two hours of my waning life (I am a dying old man) downloading and fucking with 11. There is a shitpot more functionality missing than your list admits. So much that I cannot even tell if my old scripts work correctly: hiding titles in the cursor window, efs finding compatibility files, can't reload studies, can't remove specific studies, an old script with the function playsound gives an error because it can't find the path to the previous version sounds.....I am not going to fuck with it any more until you think it works, because I don't do Beta testing on software I'm paying for. And take my advice: don't kill the old version until it does.
  7. I am going to say one more thing and then I am done. The new format is wasteful of screen space. I cram a lot of shit onto version 10, and I am guessing I have lost at least 5% of usable screen area in 11.
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    Are there any traders over at E signal that help to design and develop? I too want less bells and whistles. I want speed and accuracy.
  9. I wasn't done. The debugprintln statement doesn't work correctly.
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    I only use Data Manager for my esignal subscription and my platform setup is tied to Data Manager.

    Does esignal 11 uses the same data manager? Would I break my setup upgrading to esignal 11?

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