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  1. is it finally time? discuss
  2. Time for what? It's the most resilient pig I've ever seen. It will take actual earnings for that piece of shit to cave in.

  3. What is there to discuss? Its going to pop up to 80 bucks soon.
  4. That chart looks like something a caveman made...what is the analysis process in something like that?! :confused:
  5. Why, that's the CHARTMAN. He wears leotards, a mask, and brandishes the finest cape ever.

    I'll be goddamned if I can read 'em, though. :D
  6. You mean ChartMANIAC? The guy who lectures others about how a real trader trades because they love flashing lights and works a day job even though he claims to know everything?

    I'll give him props when he's right, which isn't often, but his analysis of certain things is ridiculous. :D
  7. Hard at work!

  8. [​IMG]
  9. I think its fallin apart if it stays under 70 any longer. It's run out of steam.
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