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  1. since AMZN is such a large part of the Nasdaq 100 - it should be interesting to see how this stock affects overall market sentiment in the coming weeks.
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    Now the market news makes us believe that the is no limit to the market. In just hours the news can change and we can be believed that everything is crashing and recession is coming and .... I have seen that many many times.
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  3. Of course, but you just have to hedge and try and make money. I certainly don't imagine AMZN trading much higher...if it does I'll happily buy more Puts. :)
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  4. i think AMZN deserves a PE of AT LEAST 350

    maybe 650.

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    A good way to calculate the right P/E for AMZN is to add P/Es of the 4 following companies and divide it by 4.

    Those companies are Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Circuit City.
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  6. lol

    the funny part is i order from Amazon all the time and i think they are a great company with a bright future. but c'mon, nobody is this perfect.
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    To put joke aside, yes AMZN is a great company but the problem is with the valuation. Walmart is even better than AMZN and covers more customers. Walgreens sells the same gum at 2.1 and Walmart sells it at 1.55. Just 55 cents higher in a gum.
    A problem that I see with AMZN is that now they have changed to a website that lets many stores sell their ithem through AMZ and you don't get the same quality and support that you used to get. In other words, they sell their name and brand and not products
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    Again AMZN is weak today.
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  9. Nope...that stock is loaded to the gills with bullshit. It'll have its day, but not today and probably not for a little while longer still. Just accumulate a short position or Puts and you'll be fine when it does nosedive.
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    I ended up being wrong!:confused:
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