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  1. r u serious with this?

  2. PE 116, profit margin 2, short ratio 10, capitalization 28 billion.
  3. if i were you, and i was considering a short, and i was dumb enough to disregard the weekly and monthly timeframes... but i was looking for impossibly ridiculous gap ups...

    i would consider AMZN.

    so, guys, dont worry... im not short on margin. you cannot margin me out of this.

    and trust me, im mostly long...


    PE 112?

    why not 423400663w0064063640....

    i agree. buy this up. ;)
  4. i cannot wait for tomorrow. i know some of you work and goldman and scan these posts. my advice? gap up 15%.

  5. i've lost a shitload shorting this.

    hoping for my big pop to 50.

    with that said, i agree. mostly long, but this is ridiculous. look at the PEG ratio for valuation. historic PE is worthless.
  6. i hoping for a gap up so large, that i post when it crosses yesterday's close.
  7. i was really hoping for a 15% gap up. ;)
  8. i mean seriously.
  9. Seriously what?
  10. i mean seriously, this stock does not deserve a PE of 116.

    is this a prelude to a lot of shouting? because if it is, dont bother... just buy AMZN... let your fingers do the talking!


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