Discussion in 'Stocks' started by DeepFried, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. Looks vulnerable to a selloff. Especially with retail sales a bit underwhelming. Even if Xmas sales are good, the prime sales season is drawing to a close so why buy Amazon?
  2. i'm going to short amzn silly once the test of 50 is over. its jsut to close to 50 not to take it out. amzn's been in a 2 pt range for almsot 4 weeks. the run from 38 was bogus as amzn warned
  3. I hear ya! That 4 week range you mention is amazing. I bought a Jan 50 straddle just to hedge but I think it's going lower, possibly in dramatic fashion.

    Also, AMZN has a long-established habit of disappointing analysts in terms of sales and earnings. I think we're likely to see a repeat of that scenario fairly soon.
  4. i agree but it seems so many think amzn will crack huge that it might fry some shorts for 2 weeks here first. if it starts breaking bad i must short it. the run from 38 is fraud as far as i can see, actually i ahve tons of the things on my short list for jan but i'm alittle scared to be too early as the market has stalled for 3 weeks and i'm scared this pigs keep us weak threw year end and then blast us the first week or 2 in jan to screw everyone up
  5. Looks like short term sell and long buy
  6. joeyata1 - I hope you got short. I made a little off a Jan straddle but I haven't had a position since then.

    Looks like like it's going to get crunched tomorrow because of disappointing earnings. Wish I'd done another straddle before the announcement.