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    This is win-win-win legislation that will benefit employers, employees and the public. It is an indirect way of legislating a minimum wage and virtually eliminating, for large employers, inefficient cost shifting from the private to the public sector. It would create both a more robust and a more honest economy. In the long run it is far more efficient to pay people directly the full cost of employing them rather than shifting part of the cost to government which then has to bear the cost administering the shifted cost. On net, this would save money and improve the lives of low wage workers by eliminating their need to interface with government social welfare with its attendant aggravation, costs and inefficiencies. It could also favorably impact medicaid costs as employees who currently make too little to qualify for medical insurance subsidies would qualify under the bill's provisions.

    The greatest gain could be be achieved by limiting the opportunities for employers to game the system. For example, by requiring a living wage be paid hourly, regardless of the hours worked. There of course would always remain a need for a social welfare safety net, but if cost shifting were eliminated , the systems focus could then be where it ought to be.

    This Bill makes good sense.

    Interestingly, Jeff Bezos, who seems to always be in the forefront of progressive thinking has acted preemptively and announced an across the board increase in Amazon's minimum wage. Good for Bezos, the future of Amazon is bright indeed!
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    Price is finding the weekly EMA (50) resistance here which is overlaid on the daily candle chart here (dotted line).
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    More market manipulation

    Trump says administration is looking into antitrust violations by Amazon, other tech giants
    Berkeley Lovelace Jr. | @BerkeleyJr
    Published 3 Hours AgoUpdated 2 Hours
    • President Donald Trump says his administration is looking into antitrust violations by Amazon, Facebook and Google parent Alphabet.
    • In an interview with Axios, Trump says he's "not looking to hurt" the U.S. tech giants but is considering action.
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    His buddies just want to get in cheaper.
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    Honestly, if the Dems don't request SEC investigations into all WH personnel, I'm gonna be sorely disappointed
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    Updated chart from last week: The weekly EMA (50) held as perfect support and is now bouncing higher to try and test the daily SMA (20) above. Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 7.13.19 AM.png
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    The previous support trendline is now going to be hard resistance for AMZN. Indicators bouncing out of oversold conditions as well. Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 6.56.14 AM.png
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