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  3. %% They won a big lawsuit with IRS also, billions on the line. NOT long or short them as of yesterday......:cool::cool:
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    Amazon Investment

    Amazon is one of the investors in a $50 million funding round for the German smart home startup Tado, best known for its smart thermostats. Other investors in the round include the energy firm E.ON, Total Energy Ventures, Energy Innovation Capital, Inven Capital, and the European Investment Bank. Tado's products are for sale in all European Apple stores.
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    AMZN down about $130 bucks, 7% after missing ...well things..AMZN $2000 are days gone by.

    GOOG is also down aout 4% after missing...well, things, as well.
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  6. Tomorrow 10/26/18 is going to be one of the most brutal market days EVA!!!!
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    A perfect bounce off the 50-week exponential moving average with an alert set for if price retesting this area below. An abandoned baby doji also trying to form on the daily candle. Private message me to learn how to turn on alerts on the TrendSpider platform.
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    Amazon Growth

    Amazon beat analyst estimates with its third-quarter earnings, but Wall Street didn't like its revenues nor its forecast of a slight deceleration in growth, particularly during the all-important holiday season, so the company's share price fell 9% in afterhours trading. CNBC
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    Bezos Wealth

    Amazon's faltering fortunes are hitting CEO Jeff Bezos's fortune, which is largely composed of Amazon shares. The world's richest individual lost $11 billion on Friday and another $8 billion yesterday. Overall, he's lost $37 billion this month. Fortune
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