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    Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Who won the holiday ad push?
    From pricey TV commercials during NFL games to digital ads on websites, Google and Amazon have been locked in a major holiday push, collectively spending over $70 million advertising their devices since Thanksgiving. Beyond the ads, each also cut prices for their miniature smart speakers by 40 percent, shaving $20 off the price this holiday season. The move seems to have paid off for Amazon.(Ad Age)
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    Amazon boosts monthly Prime fee to $12.99, while $99 annual fee remains unchanged
    by Nat Levy on January 19, 2018 at 6:00 am


    Amazon is increasing the monthly price option for Prime from $10.99 to $12.99 as it continues to expand the reach and benefits of the popular fast-shipping program.

    Amazon said the price increase does not affect the annual membership option, which will remain at $99. With the price increase, the monthly option will now equal slightly less than $156 for a year. Amazon has been investing heavily in Prime, bringing it to new markets and creating additional benefits and original content. Those moves, plus regular increases in fees from shipping partners, are among the factors contributing to the price increase.

    Amazon says it has no preference on the annual versus monthly option. However, offering a monthly service with no contract or guarantee carries with it a cost to manage and volatility that isn’t present with the more dependable annual option.

    The increase begins today for new members, and existing monthly Prime subscribers will see the cost jump after Feb. 18.

    Prime membership for students, discounted at half the monthly cost after a six-month trial, rises to $6.49 under the new pricing structure. The standalone Prime Video subscription of $8.99 per month and a discounted program for people on government assistance will stay at current prices.

    The introduction of a monthly Prime subscription and the standalone Prime Video option in April 2016 gave Amazon a comparable offering to streaming rival Netflix. Today’s move shows Amazon is still tinkering with the monthly option to find the right formula.

    Amazon said Prime has grown from 20 million eligible items a few years ago to more than 100 million today. One-day and same-day delivery is now available in more than 8,000 markets.

    Earlier this month, Amazon said it shipped 5 billion Prime items in 2017. To ship all those items and fill all those orders, Amazon upped its global footprint of distribution centers by 30 percent last year. In the U.S. alone, more than 6,000 trucks and 32 Amazon Air planes traversed the roads and skies, packed with Amazon packages.

    Nat Levy is a staff reporter at Geekwire covering a variety of technology topics, including Microsoft, Amazon, tech startups, and the intersection of technology with real estate, courts and government. Contact him at and follow him on Twitter at @natjlevy.
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    Here's the odds for which city gets AMZN HQ2.
    Any guesses? Tough call. Maybe Kasich.

    Boston: 3/1
    Austin, Texas: 7/2
    Atlanta: 7/2
    Montgomery County, Maryland: 8/1
    Pittsburgh: 8/1
    Washington, D.C.: 10/1
    Philadelphia: 14/1
    New York City: 14/1
    Toronto: 14/1
    Chicago: 16/1
    Denver: 16/1
    Newark, New Jersey: 16/1
    Columbus, Ohio: 20/1
    Los Angeles: 20/1
    Nashville: 20/1
    Indianapolis: 20/1
    Raleigh, North Carolina: 20/1
    Dallas: 20/1
    Northern Virginia: 20/1
    Miami: 20/1
  7. Bet on about 2/3'rds of them or 75%...and hope you win, or an outlier gets picked. o_O
    That will afford you a couple years' supply of MilkBone dog snacks.

    Or better yet, invent your own line of dog treats and get rich...create something real, and leave this trading racket behind.
    My Beagle is fat. I feed him alot of human food, along with little to no exercise.

    I could probably create/invent a line of dog treats over a weekend. Most dog treats are extremely bland and dog enjoys that.
    A dried beef jerky steak wrapped around/blended with a rawhide. use various levels of moist/texture/densities/....and natural, real, human flavors. I'm kind of creative around the kitchen and with food.
    Grow the line locally and online.

    Or just buy beef ribs from the local butcher...dehydrate them...and label and package them as Larry's Old Fashioned Favorite Dog Snacks. Est 2018. Made authentically in the Swiss Alps from a family lineage history. in a log cabin.
    You see, I'm not only a genius in the market -- but in business development too :thumbsup:
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    Bezos did not go to Silicon Valley to start AMZN instead went to Seattle, one therefore has to assume he prefers tax free states. His space company Blue Origin is already in Austin...
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    My money is on Boston. These people here are so bloodlusting for new money they will show their naked ass and do other unmentionable things to suck Bezos et. al. into the nightmare that is this place.

    NYC will never work now that Cuomo announced his plans for a congestion tax into Manhattan. Bad move, moron! Plus, they just don't have the space unless they raze a hood, like Bed-Sty or Brownsville or something.

    P.S. Uninformed stock market pick...Go long AMZN and BABA for long term holds.
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