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  1. who likes AMZN to move higher into Xmas? It would seem like that is indicated by recent news (not company specific.) Any positions/swing traders who trade this stock, net long? Anyone see it as a decent r/r short at this level, and seasonal time?!????

    I just started trading it, and have Dec calls/Jan puts; also backspread 205/200. Closed some 190c and 195c last week when it hit 199

    All thoughts welcome.
  2. I haven't really looked at the AMZN charts too deeply, but apparently this is an interesting time of year to go long AMZN (click to see interactive seasonal calendar). Statistically it appears its a better time to go short... although there is a slight rise in the mean price over the years until just after Christmas.

    Also, on a more humorous note, its trading right now at about the price of the Kindle Fire, just three bucks lower...:D

    good luck
  3. thanks

    i added some weekly puts

    been swing trading it and selling itm options ,when it hit 198-199, and legging into short side of credit spreads, for smaller debits... my bias is it hits >200 this week. But looking at today's open, maybe I'm incorrect.
  4. CA04


    I think this would be a good short term trade:

    Buy AMZN / Sell COST