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  1. anyone playing this, looks like its forming a base at 103.00
  2. They are still a great retailer, but everything I read seems to indicate that <a href="">Amazon</a> is losing the e-reader war to the iPad and even the Nook.
  3. looks like they may trade under 100 here ouch!

    100.52 low print
  4. looks like it is attempting to close 95-110 gap from last fall :eek:

    i expected with the recession everybody to stay home and read books :confused:
  5. long here
  6. AMZN must have really bad numbers -14% AH
    I wonder if Jeff Bezos will laugh during the call later today.
  7. some buying came in around 100 under that I am gone. :D
  8. jonp


    i smell an isrg style bounceback
  9. S2007S


    They missed by 9 cents, that's pretty significant!!!!!

    Over the last few quarters AMZN has done extremely well.
  10. my proprietary model indicates that Bezos' unique laugh if worth about +2-3%. but he has to start laughing right at the beginning of the conference call. if he waits too long the f_kng stock could be touching 90.

    **edit 102.48 right before the call
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