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  1. amzn roasting some bears tonight. i guess its a good thing that they only lost 10 million.

    NEW YORK, April 24 (Reuters) - Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN), the Web's largest retailer, on Thursday reported a narrower loss for the first quarter while revenue grew by a more-than-expected 28 percent, driven by strong international sales, special promotions and cost-cutting.

    The Seattle-based Web seller of books, music, electronics and other goods also raised its 2003 outlook, noting that sales would grow more than 19 percent compared to its previous outlook of 15 percent growth.

    The online retailer reported a net loss of $10 million, or 3 cents per share, compared with a net loss of $23 million, or 6 cents per share, a year earlier.
  2. AMZN had been on my radar since last week like other stocks I never bought, thing is I haven't held a stock overnight since 2000 I think. It scares me, overnight in ETF's during earnings season are scary enough.
    GENZ and NTLI . Man, Look at the action in those two. Now every damn bear market rally since 2001 whenever I start telling myself that individual stocks are hot again we were near a top. Is the pattern going to repeat again this time?
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    Yes, I think so. There are some really good gainers right now, especially small cap ones, for not really sound reasons. I can't complain because I am making good money off them, but I fear that these are not sustainable.

    I think the market will go just shy of 9k for DJI, and then round over the summer with lack of volume. Then come september and october, the whole thing might go down to 6k DJI.

    I think some other traders are thinking this way, also.

    But who knows. I'd actually love to trade in a big bull market.

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    Is this company ever going to make money?

  5. is it necessary?
  6. hard to tell,

    what with all that money chasing its shares, and the private offerings....

    hey maybe they are making cyber bucks
  7. I have to second Longshots comment. If we are traders, what do we care if the stock makes a profit other than in the more esoteric market motivation function? Well I guess I care relatively for my IRA and my fellow Seattlites who work there, but not from a trading perspective.
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    Oh come on guys I was just saying.

    But hey, when, if ever, they finally make some money, Amazon might shoot up.
  9. AMZN is a darling stock. Shooting up on a loss. We should be so lucky! LOL :D
  10. What would we do without We all buy books there, it's a great company.
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