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  1. This thing is rolling after hours, trend following is dead!:)
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  2. lol gee thanks after the stock is up $6 in AH

    just proves internet companies are immune to mild recession. ironic considering internet stocks got murdered in the last recession.
  3. I am good at stating the obvious I won a medal for it.
  4. S2007S


    Where are analysts upgrading this stock, the next analyst is going to be a fool to put a buy on AMZN, if anyone does own this I would recommend the SELL button right away.


    Price Target $40
  5. Illum


    No doubt Barrons firing up the presses for an easy fade
  6. azzzy


    I was thinking of buying it today but you never know how the news are going to turn out and it's kinda expensive... Oh well... Anyway, what's up with the after hours trading? How can I get in on that? I tried putting in a bid last night for another stock and IB platform gave me a message that the bid will not be executed until the next day's open. How do people trade in the extended session?
  7. I'm buying amzn on breaks of new highs at 56.81, with stops at yesterdays lows...who's with me? :)
  8. looks like i was on the right side :) at least for now
  9. 57.69 is my stop. keeping it tight in case market makers try and short this gap tomorrow or late this afternoon.
  10. ymiyake


    I think here above 60 is a great short long term.
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