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  1. gARBAGE.
  2. since you're quoting my word and not the thread starter's, I'd like to ask what you mean by gARBAGE, the amazon thingy or my statement?! :mad:
  3. tHe amAZon ThInGY.

    But really a) what would you do about it either way, and b) why the hell do you care?
  4. a) maybe i'd ask you; what makes you defend the amazon shit so badly? b) curiosity
  5. Why the hell? I mean seriously what the motherfuck!!??
  6. hajimow


    There was a program in NPR and they were interviewing Amazon's CEO on this product. One of the questions was that many attemps to sell similar products in the past have failed and why you think this time it will pan out and he a kind of dodged this question and did not respond.