AMZN: "This is our best year ever!"

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  1. fade-o-rama
  2. Why bother? They are cannabilizing everyone else's sales. Just a paradigm change thats happened in retail over the last decade that will continue.

    Better to short brick and mortar...
  3. Not saying to sell AMZN and put it away. Just for a quick day trade. There is no question that AMZN is taking market share from brick and mortar retailers and I am no long term bear (or bull for that matter) on the stock.

    Did you read the press release.? It was a complete bullshit metric that could be interpreted any number of ways. These BS press announcements may have worked from 1995-2006, but not anymore.

    Remember Sears announcing a share buyback a few weeks ago - FADE

    Remember Macy's announcing a debt refi a few days ago - FADE

    Until further notice, sell the rips remains the strategy in this market.
  4. Fox had a liquidation specialist saying the calls he gets are like, "we'll give it one more shot after Christmas, but we're probably going to file for bankruptcy."

    Unbelievable statement to make publically.
  5. When you go out to the brick and mortar store then this is what happens:

    - You get in the car and probably bring along the kids. You spend money on gas and thats more mileage on the car. If you live around NYC or in NJ, there are tolls.

    - Then there is the travel time to and from the store all jammed up in traffic.

    - Before you get to the store, everyone is hungry so you stop by one of the chain restaurants. Before you know it, more time spent and over $20 to include the kid's bills.

    - You finally get to the mall and along the way stop by more stores to get little items. Then you get to the actual store and there are lines to wait in.

    - It keeps going on until you have spent the whole day at the store for one item putting up with the lines and getting sidetracked into other stores spending only more.

    The above routine is good when the economy is booming, but Im willing to bet more people will simply log on Amazon to buy things then go through the above process during the recession.

    People are tired of getting ripped off on EBAY. At least with Amazon you get a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping.
  6. Amazon is great but nothing beats the experience of hanging out at a huge Barnes & Noble or checking out the babes at the local mall. Browsing a book in your hand is much better than looking at a few sample pages online.

or just speed reading though a book. why pay $27 for a 200 page hardcover when you can skim through it in an hour or two?
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    I assume you're a trader, so you likely have more than one screen: Amazon on one, your favorite porn sites on the others, and your hand is now free!
  9. Its called public library where you are typing this post now.

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