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Discussion in 'Options' started by adam772, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. adam772


    holy crap. anyone make out like a bandit??

    I had 200 of the 120 Nov calls, purchased Friday right after market opened for an average price of 1.60 . had a good feeling stock would rally further.

    Got nervous and bailed out at $1.55 at around 9:40 AM or so on Friday.

    I am losing my mind now- they went over $9.00 about two hours ago or so. left almost $150K on the table.

    anyone do really well on them??
  2. niteowl8


    Screen Shot or it didn't happen. :D
  3. sub0


    If it goes higher tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be even more pissed. And when it hits $150? What about $200? Maybe doubles to $250? :cool:
  4. erol


    at least you have your $10K from the OEX's (or whatever they were)
  5. damn dude, you panicked out for a nickel?
  6. spindr0


    Mr. Trump doesn't do screen shots :)
  7. I wouldn't have gotten out either...not at 1 tick, anyway. If I'd lost more and the reason for getting into it was no longer applicable or valid, then I'd get out, but one tick?!
  8. No big deal just look out for the next stock that has a big pop and come back and claim you made a killing on that one.
  9. adam772


    XFLAT: u crack me up!!! did u read my post?? i said i LOST money. so why did u say next time i shud come back and claim i made a killing?? im so confused!

    to the rest of u, i will post the screenshot, just tell me how to take a screenshot?
  10. Yea the joke was lost on you obviously.

    Its no big deal I am sure the others got a good laugh.
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