AMZN , may be a long play next days.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by roclerman, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Amazon (AMZN) (09/06/2005)

    Position: Not taken yet / Go long in a correction to $42.60/43.2
    Mid-term .BUL
    Near-term BULL
    Target..........$46-7 (and a second level on $60/62)

    If i'm long now: Wait, set a stop 40.9 or 41.9 and wait for a ride to the mentioned zone.
    If i'm short now. Wait for the today's high or the $44 to hold tomorrow. Stop should be above today's high or 44.05 at least.

    (Diego M Rolando , roclerman,, 9-6-2005 at the close)



  2. Any thoughts?
  3. ron2368


    Hate to get long after a 2+ point move, there is just too much room for a pullback.
  4. I like the zone near "the today close" to go long 42-60/43.1 to catch a run to 46-7,
    we will see...
  5. Nice opening run today, i guess i'll put stop near the even price now.

  6. Nice call. I suspect it has another point or two in it. I'll be watching for a pullback and what happens after.