AMZN Feb volty

Discussion in 'Options' started by atticus, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. Is a tremendous sale here at 70 on the vol-line. I am short the Feb 90 straddle from 16.30.
  2. If you're looking for an option sale, the SBUX puts are a blazing sale. Feb's 60%, Apr's @ 50%. Someone lifted the offer on both tenors, several times. I should know, I sold some to them. :(
  3. Yeah, that's fat. I know you're quoting AMZN as I type this. :p
  4. Looks like AMZN is a better vol sale then SBUX. Not that I am advocating selling vol at these levels in general.

    AMZN's indexed implied vol has gone to the 70 level pre earnings a few times and appears to top out there. Looking at sbux it can get a lot higher then where it is now.
  5. AMZN Feb vols came in by 500bp. The straddle is marked 1.50 lower. ;)
  6. great entry timing , atty. My amzn time fly gained 2$( !) today ; I wish I would of doubled up yesterday when FEB hit 71...
  7. Your [nearly] neutral gamma helped. Good call.