AMZN earings

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by pumpanddumper, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Not playing it but I hope they shit the bed too. I said short at $59 FWIW on last earnings and would have got burned.

    No reason this old time favorite high tech flyer should have been near $80 a share. I don't play earnings calls unless tipped off.:p
  2. LOL, would have got ass raped. Pump it higher Mr. Market.:)
  3. Hmmmm, weird action. The hell with this stock anyways....
  4. what's with the drop from 78 to 71? weak margins?
  5. Yeah, weak margins. Disappointed it hasn't dropped even more.
  6. She's trading at ~$65.00 right now in after hours!!! I hope nobody went long before the close. YIKES! :eek:
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    Google better announce a cure for cancer tomorrow.
  8. anybody own one of those Amazon Kindle e-readers? Is it as good as reading print on paper? Or is there a lot of glare, your eyes get tired reading it, etc.
  9. The way earnings reports have been moving things it'd take an announcement like that or a miracle. Faith in anything is out the window. Uptick rule change rules.