Amzn compared to publishers

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by gbakker, Oct 16, 2007.

  1. gbakker


    Compare the charts of publishers like McGrawHill (MHP) and John Wiley (JW-A),

    there can only be one conclusion:

    AMZN is a complete HYPE..
    Looks over the top right now...
    Ready for sell off to 60/70 level
  2. Bowgett


    There is not going to be any sell off any time soon. 12% of float are shorts.
  3. gbakker


    Condition of Publisher sector very very bad.. 10 year low New York Times.. I feel sorry for the buyer of Dow Jones (DJ) @ 60 $..

    (imagine bankruptcy NYT, nothing to wipe your @ss with) ;-)

    30$ would have been more adequate
  4. gbakker


    Looks like there was a Morgan Stanley wake up call.. Selling 7% stake in NYT