AMZN, AXP, BIDU, CMG, SNDK earnings after the close.

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    I remember last quarter amazon missed on something and the stock tanked about 20 bucks, touched just below $100 and then skyrocketed to over $150 a share in about 2 months.

    BIDU is another company that has been on a run, if you factor out the split its a $1000 stock, I think its a bit overbought just like AMZN.
  2. stocks are always overbought in a bull market
  3. Amazon just told me if I bought their stock for more than $39, they'd ship it to me for free.
  4. AMZN closed at 165 after hour 157 158. Interesting.
  5. BIDU 97.50 at 5:04pm est
  6. BIDU at 104.00 5:28pm est
  7. BIDU trades like it might be worth $50 or $200.
  8. See the ascending triangle on SNDK. Looks good above $40.70
    SNDK is behind in the latest rally and will catch up.
  9. SNDK: Ascending triangle b/o will lead to $46.85, at key resistance too.
  10. Saoleo


    AMZN has earned the whole 51 cents - return your money in 78 years.
    BIDU has earned the whole 41 cents - may be return your money in 63 years.

    It is ridiculous!
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