AMZN and AAPL earnings soon

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  1. I have a target of 181 on AAPL after earnings

    And a target of 90 on AMZN

    Time 2 go long

  2. in 30 AAPL @ 167.07
    let's see where she goes
  3. Thanks a lot dude, I lost my skin on that one. Stopped out at 161.
  4. LOL..

    I feel for you man, I've never followed a tip on this board that hasn't lost me a bundle.
  5. Would love to see AAPL miss and guide lower just because I hate Apple nerds.

    On the investment side I expect them to beat since they guided lower last quarter.
  6. jazzsax


    go back as far as you can remember and see when the last time Apple missed.... not saying they won't miss now, but they have a history of guiding lower, then beating expectations (duh).

    Amazon on the other hand, love to hate that frigger.
  7. S2007S


    guide lower and beat nearly everytime, what does that tell you.....

    thats what every company should do, its called

    under promise over deliver....AAPL is one of those stocks......
  8. I am definitely positive that Apple will end the week at over $170; I set my initial stop at $161 and when I saw that the stock was tanking I set the stop lower (WTF logic is that?) to $155, but the IB TWS apparently didn't go through with it and stopped me out at $160.99, leaving me out cold. Non-margin account so I couldn't jump back into the action, have to wait three days for settlement.
    The market is a harsh maiden for idiots like me.
  9. Really? I think you can just buy again if you have enough purchasing power.

  10. By the way when is appl and amzn earning if you dont mind
    Yahoo is today if i am sure - ?
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