AMZN - a strong sell?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by JC198, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. JC198


    With it's +60 P/E, a 1.8 plus PEG and these market conditions, what do you see for AMZN in the coming months?

    I am considering buying some puts, but I wanted to see if anyone was a bull on the stock.

  2. I'm as bearish as the one on the left

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  3. Mschlau


    Jeez. I DK. Its already shed off more than 40% of its share price since october. Its P/E is rediculously high though. So maybe. But just how much further down can it go? I'm certainly not bullish on this stock, but there are better shorting opportunities around.
  4. JC198



    What other opportunities are you looking at for shorts?

  5. dsq


    Think amzn is bad?
    how bout blue nile-an online diamond retailer?

    Talk about frivolous/discretionary spending...
  6. NazSpaz


    AMZN just started selling wine. I drink a lot ('burp'), just by me alone they can ('burp') probably double their earnings. I'm now a buyer..... of the wine..... the stock maybe not yet. :eek: