AMTD trading & Accounts "out of service" friday!

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by professorkev, May 1, 2009.

  1. THese fuckers, their systems went down friday am aorund 8:15. SO I thought it was the trading platform, IT'sEVERYTHING. My quotetracker couldn't pull anything up either.

    The stress this company puts us through, I have 3 back up systems; my laptop, another computer with modem and then the college library if all else fails.

    Td has "oh we are trying to swithc over to oour back up system.

    IS there another broker with the same daytrading power and pricing (or better) and one that doesn't care if you by penny stocks? ( I trade expensive and cheap stock & options)
  2. Strategy desk worked just fine, Friday. Wonder if it is separate from the main trading tools.
  3. It can be good t have a backup broker. But they all fail at times. SYstems are not 100% reliable.
    Think or Swim (TOS)
    InteractiveBrokers (IB)
  4. The problem with a back up broker is having to have more money in them. BUt your right, doesn't hurt to have 10K sitting in something just as an emergency!
  5. I'll look into strategy desk, I also got AMTD to give me 50 free trades, although I had to work hard at it, originally they only offered 20.

    WHat I hate is that it ruine my mojo for the day! DIdn't lose anything and wasn't worried about that BUT just not a good way to start the day!
  6. Im on quotetracker with IQFeed and i had no problems
  7. I am with Quotetracker amd Ameritrade and mine worked fine Friday except for about 10 minutes my acct info would not show up..but I could trade and see everything else working just fine.
  8. strategic desk was down for me on Friday
    from 9:30 to about 9:45am.

    the main tdameritrade site was also down for few minutes.

    after 9:45am, everything was fine.
  9. Same here.
    You should use the DTN "IQ-Feed".

    The Level-1 quotes for charting, quotation, and time and sales are critical since it is ACTUAL "unfiltered" tick data, as opposed to TD Ameritrade's streamer feed.