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    Are you still here? If so, can you answer the below question. Maybe somebody who knows this can answer. Thanks.

    AMT4SWA had some good posts with charts that he attached in Mycharts website. However, when I click on these links, I no longer see his charts. Can't find his username in Mycharts either.

    Does anybody know wheter I can still see his charts or what his username is under Mycharts? Thanks.
  2. Chris (AMT4SWA) was executed in Australia on Wednesday night by firing squad at 12:01 am.

    Apparently the firing squad consisted of 8 nearsighted aborigines who had not fired a rifle in more than a decade. Two accidentally shot themselves trying to load their guns, several gave up after 34 unsuccessful volleys. At approximately 2:12am, one of the remaining aborigines dropped his rifle and it discharged, the bullet striking Chris in the head, killing him instantly. At the time of his death, Chris had been leafing through an issue of "Juggs" magazine.

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    Damm you Steve. I'm trying my hardest here to learn and you make fun of it. Oh well, at least I got a chuckle from reading your post. I suspect his username is CK (but there's no charts):(

    Anybody can help? TIA
  4. Sorry Bill

    I don't know what has become of Chris, however I do suggest you read all the documents that he has left us

    As I mentioned in another thread, search on his name and in the keyword box type in "MACD". In my opinion, his work using that indicator was some of the best and most accessible for retail traders.

    Good luck
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    the only thing I can remember with certainty was that it were simple charts and that they were time based. (not tick based)

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    Thanks for the replies.
    Yes, I know he has the threads. The problem is all his charts are a web address to Mycharts. As such, I am unable to see his charts. I think I can imagine how how his charts will look like but it will be nice to see the charts as I'm sure I will learn something

  7. Sorry, I pulled all those charts when I started a partnership with a group a while back.

    Technology has changed for the better in a very short time and there are better methods IMO at this time to trade futures more precisely. The MACD settings I have always used from the past are 4,13,1 (one line) and 4,13, (5,7,or 9 depending on the time frame). The Stoch I have always used is 5,5,2.

    I no longer trade any active systems that rely on the MACD, as normal indicators have their limits when it comes to setting up automated systems. The playing field is getting closer to level everyday due to technology, as the individual or small group traders go up against the big boys.......this has made for some very good times!

    Hope this helps!
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    Hi AMT,

    Am very glad to hear from you. Actually I'm more interested in the the charts/ideas on the volume pressure, aggressive bid and ask, tape rather than the MACD.

    The reason is because although I read your previous posts on those and tried to apply them, I could not do so. It was only recently that I began to understand tape and Level II and saw certain things and am developing certain strategies etc. Then I remembered that you ever talked about those things before. Thus, I dug up those posts and realise that some of the strategies which I am developing (both intraday and swing trade) had some similarity to what you talked about. You also attached some charts then which I am interested. I guess I kinda can imagine some of how the charts etc will look like though not all of them.

    Was just wondering whether I could get a link for those charts and see whether you still think that they are viable. Its very comforting to know when you are hopefully on the right track when someone who is successful is using it also