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  1. Hi Amt,

    If you're reading this; I always enjoyed your posts, are you coming back to the forum?

    Best wishes,

    ps. and how are you doing anyway? :)
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    Ditto.. hope AMT is doing well
  3. he was a legendary trader. far beyond his time. truly a hero, a mans' man, a ladys' man, a swingin' dick, a stud of studs.

    He's truly a role model for us all.
  4. Yep, a very admirable man. Until he started shorting ES and not covering...
  5. I've been trying to get a hold of him with no luck. Tried his cell phone, but no luck there either. AMT...if you read this, PM me.

  6. Got that right, hope to see you here again soon.

    TM Trader
  7. I am surprised he has not posted at all. I just hope he is doing alright and did not get into some physical harm. I have met him and he is a real nice guy.
  8. He came out to the first Austin Trader's Group meeting.... Said that starting January 1 he was gonna be able to leave his job at SWA and concentrate solely on trading. I think he goes down to Richmond, TX (near Houston) alot so perhaps he has been busy doing that.
  9. That's kinda real scary! Hope he didn't do anything terrible to himself!

    All I remember is him adding more and more to his shorts during that massive, neverending bull. Hope he didn't blow his lifestake.

    Best Regards and say hello if you're here AMT!

  10. Wasn't he short some respectable size below 1100 and adding to his position on every bump saying that the stop at 1117 was never gonna happen. I thought I heard he was trading in the range of 80-100 lot. That was a blow if he was following the plan that he was describing here but then maybe all that talk about 100 lot positions was hot air to begin with.

    Doesn't it seem odd that he then suddenly disappeared from the trading scene completely after being so active when things were going his way. I truly hope he's not come to any physical harm also but is it possible that maybe he's not the super trader everyone thinks he is?
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