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  1. kinda last minute but apparently ill be in amsterdam next week for 2 days.

    i will be trading for a few hours and the more profitable I am.. the more fun ill have!

    i want to smoke, gamble and have sex in that order.

    weed isnt a big deal as im in bay area California were its practically legal anyways.. but im excited about gambling as i havent been to Vegas in a few months and whatever casino they have in Amsterdam will do.

    Ill probably also pay for a hooker.. maybe a few.. but i would rather get a few cheap BJs and maybe spend a few extra bucks on a super hot hungarian for a few hour sesh:p

    any suggestions?
  2. i hear the poker players are horrible there.. but im kinda a roulette fiend.. all the moves i stop myself from making trading futures.. i let it all out on the table.. number 9 and 12 are my boyz~!
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    never seen a casino over there - sure they exist somewhere, just not round the red light district where all the puff and whores are.

    go to a club called four floors of whores - its a laugh, but the girls are rough.

    if your lucky with either the cards or the market, you may want to go here....


    (stay away from the blueberry bud - you wont be able to do anything for days after i promise. not worth it.)
  4. I hope you'll be in Europe longer than 2 days, the flight from California seems like it would be a real bitch for only a 2 day trip!

  5. I didn't see any casinos in the red light district either. You can smoke basically wherever you want. What is it you're interested in doing at the casinos? Surely as a trader you're playing only poker, and not one of those ridiculous games where the house stacks the odds in their favour? Or are you looking to give up your normal discipline and just roll the dice, kind of like the CEO of a huge corporation who has to be in control at all times, and chooses for his pleasure a dominatrix who makes him lick her bootheels? : )

    EDIT: just saw your post about roulette. It's the only casino game I enjoy.
  6. yes, apparently there is a casino in Amsterdam

    and its amsterdam for 2 nights! and also a 3 nights in Paris which i dont even care for!

    yeah poker and some martingale with roulette:D my strategy is to wait 5-7 spins where one of the 3rds hasn't come up and then start a progressive betting line 10-15-20-50-60-150.... or something like that.. ill work it out on a napkin first.. ill also look for a number that "is due" and play it.

    believe it or not.. im an epic roulette player MGM grand begs me to come back.. i had a few BIG sessions ($500 into 10k in 9 hours at one wheel) and yes i understand all the odds but its soo much fun seeing the floor manager looking at me like im cheating or something.. just luck so far..