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    I'll would like download the Amsterdam' stocks quotation.
    Yahoo! is very limited for the number of stocks available.

    Euronext is ok but there it's necessary to wait too long time and next open has already start when I can download.

    Do you know an other web site where I can Download Amsterdam'stocks ?

    Thank You.
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    Although I respect your sincere wishes, I must take issue with your assertion that Yahoo! Finance is "limited" in it's breadth of information. P/E ratios, EPS, volume, T.A., options chains, (and much more) and it is all free, and a hell of a lot faster and easier than anything else out there, except of course, any spam website that you are about to suggest . . .
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    I'm Ok to pay for the Amsterdam's quote .... do you know a good web site where I can buy it ?
  4. Why do you need them?

    If you are new to trading it may be a better idea to start with usa shares where the costs and commissions are the lowest.

    Or do you prefer to lay down 0.25%+commissions on every trade?

    Or are you after AEX?

    If you want to swing trade stocks listed on AEX then forget about my Qs.
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    No I trade since 1998 and my operations are on the Paris, Amsterdam and New York's markets.

    This year:

    CAC40 is +20.8%
    AEX 25 is + 15.78%
    SP500 only 1.39%

    Amsterdam and Paris stock markets with the dollar and Fed rate increase are much more interesting that US 'stocks... that why I would like a good Amsterdam quote.

    The world is my market :)
  6. If you use IB as a broker you can get that data for only $5 a month (level1) works perfect with quotetracker (free). If you want really perfect free EOD charts for Dutch stocks (also USA, France etc.) just register at I am not affiliated with this company but I like their charts a lot! Hope this helps.
  8. Now that comes to my mind with the IB demo you'd be able to get them for free delayed 15mins.
  9. Doesnt work IB only has a limited amount of symbols in their demo version and AEX stocks are not included. So if IB is his broker just pay the $5 if you cant miss the $5 a month than you shouldnt trade at all.
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    Thank you mercury and Bitstream.

    I use prorealtime, but I'd like put quotation in my own software. And it's impossible to download with prorealtime.

    I can buy quote with but the prices are dividend adjusted and I hate that !! I would like just buy real price.

    Bitstream, I'm agreed with you, US stocks are better for day trading. But I'm a core and swing trader. I paid 0,10% for european stocks with IB. It's not so expensive :p
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