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  1. I throw you a bone.

    Explain this disaster
  2. Overnight


  3. nah, doesnt explain it. thats old news,
  4. up 40% today.

    I am the man
  5. Bunch of ingrates here and twitter.

    Im done posting winners. fend for youselves
  6. 70% gainer weeeeeeeeeeee

    but thats it. im done here.
  7. No a peep from you ingrates as this RIPPED to over $3 on Wed . Huge gain.

    No prob, tells me no one had it.
  8. Ban king
  9. Now here's a massive winner and no comments.

    There are 100's of comments on threads started by idiots about idiocy, but nothing on a stock doubler.

    ET at its finest!

  10. Use an avatar of your youthful boyish dashing spunky charm looks...and you may capture more attention, old man o_O
    #10     Dec 27, 2017