AMr Capital?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by montygets, Mar 29, 2011.

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    what amr about ? any info appreciated
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    AMR is great. I went to them 8 years ago with no money down and now have a great career. They have been trustworthy and legit the entire time and I am thankful I landed with them out of college instead of one of the numerous shady groups.
  3. website is gone? what's url?
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    one is in the works I here but I know when they are hiring they usually do the monster or careerbuilder ads iirc. i think they also license out so that is a round about way to contact them.
  5. talked with a guy who used to work at AMR. They charged him a RIDICULOUS amt for commission and he siad nobody on the desk was making money. I think his commission rate was like $14/1k shares or somethign retarded, and he said they used Goldman's REDI platform for a while to trade
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    Not sure what desk that was but the one I was on had a few seniors making great money. The commissions and payout are bad but I would rather make $500 a day and take home $350 than lose money and leave the business. If you are a great trader already than go for the best deal of course but if you are new to trading than AMR is a possible home for some.