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  1. I HIGHLY recommend airline stocks now more than ever

    The three I recommend are UAUA, AMR, and CAL. I DONT like jetblue and Southwest because they don't go up and the revenue for those airlines is slowing

    Airlines are very bullish now for 3 reasons:

    1. Falling oil prices form resolution of troop hostage. Oil prices will continue to fall as the Iran threat fades.

    2. From a technical perspective airline stocks have hit a bottom. AMR rebounded very sharply off the 29.5 support point last week. UAUA and CAl have shown similar rebounds.

    3. Staggering demand for air travel, especially overseas travel. The demand for air travel is every increasing due to globalization and more people taking vacations. In addition, a faster paced society demands air travel. While AMR, UAUA, and CAL have overseas destinations Southwest and jetblue don't. This puts those discount airlines at a disadvantage since it allows the carriers to dominate the marketplace.

    Also people NEED to fly especially for longer distances. There is no alternative.