AMR, AAR halted

Discussion in 'Trading' started by vladiator, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. anybody know why?
    I shorted it about 10 minutes before the halt. Almost covered in the last 2 trades. Wonder if I should have...

  2. too bad you didn't short more???

    Uh bro... lucky that you didn't!

    I was long (but worried)...

    "too bad I didn't buy more" at 1.50...

    And, I do have a mileage account with AMR.. was concerned I'd lose all those miles!



    Ice :cool:
  3. Too bad I did not sell the Apr 2.5 Puts today. Of course, had things gone the other way, I could have been out of business. I think it would be tough to hedge away that risk.

  4. Which news service do you use?

    For a news trader (albeit a non-traditional one) like yourself to complain about his service has gotta count for something. Let us know!
  5. Arnie


    Anyone know where I can get a quote on AMR in Europe tomorrow morning? I'm thinking this may get halted again.