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    Full disclosure, I bought AMPL erc-20 tokens a couple of nights ago (about $45K position size). I actually heard about the coin over a week ago, but saw on Coinmarketcap that it's up about 80% past 30 days and thought, meh, I've made over 100% on the 3 DeFi coins I invested in the same time period. Huge mistake. Coinmarketcap doesn't take into account the nightly rebase (I call it simply "dividends" every 10PM EST as long as the AMPL price is more than $1.06).

    The nightly dividend if it continues at a rate of 10% or higher, means you double your money approximately every week. Last night I got 15% dividend and today 19.39% (~$8K and ~$12K respectively, due to price of AMPL token increasing as well, was thinking of holding for about a week before cashing out the original risk capital but it may happen in the next couple of days.

    It's the Marketcap that is important to gauge the performance (investment returns) as you get extra coins in your Ethereum wallet every night 10PM EST as long as the price of AMPL is above $1.06 Supply of the coins adjusts to the demand, equilibrium price target for the token is 2019 1 usd value. In essence, marketcap of AMPL was 5M on 6/10/2020 now it's 82M so 1600% return if you bought the coins a month ago.

    It feels like Bitconnect 2.0 but I like the project and the goals/value proposition. Do your own DD. I made over 100K on the DeFi coins I invested in a month ago, so easy for me to go into risky coins. AMPL is currently in a bull market price discovery phase as it gets more attention from the cryptospace as it broke top 100 in Coinmarketcap yesterday coming out of nowhere and the rate it's going, it'll be top 50 soon, and who knows.... Meanwhile, all Bitcoin and all the major coins are stuck in a boring trading range...
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    I realize no one cares and this will be my last post on this thread, but just providing an update. The rebase (nightly "dividend") tonight was 21.3%, indicating an even stronger demand from last night and the night before as AMPL tokens are trading higher. My position is more than double now after 3 days, has reached 6 figures. I'll start to re-distribute some to the DeFi coins I took the risk capital from on Monday morning.
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    Are you still holdingļ¼Ÿ
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    yes, but it's weird I got a reply on this thread on the day AMPL went down in price 50%.

    Let's simply recap just to be clear for all others that may be watching this thread. I posted when marketcap of AMPL was $82M and now it's $272M.

    I was getting positive rebase (dividends) every single day for 19 days, and as the number of coins increased in my stack/wallet, and the trader in me was eager to ring the cash register, I started selling every day 2,000 AMPL coins (trading to USDT and then to other undisclosed coins) at over $2.50/AMPL. Selling 2000 coins every day only slowed down the increase of AMPL coins in my wallet, but I was getting 3 times that amount (some days less depends on the rebase for the day). I increased the number of coins I was selling in the past 36 hours, due to the price downtrend and plus I have over 6 figures of AMPL coins, but so I am not accused of fudging the numbers just disregard that last part of increased selling past 3 days, but I have "cashed out" more than my original risk capital.

    I'm still holding over 6 figures of AMPL coins and on paper I have lost over 6 figures $ of profits in the past 2 days. I still hold AMPL, all profits still worth 6 figures $. I hold since I still believe in the project and I'll sell when that is no longer true or I see a major problem with the technical design. Today, I will experience my first negative rebase 2-3% which means all the AMPL coins in whatever wallet it's being stored will diminish :cool:
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    Full Disclosure since this thread got necro-bumped, I "sold" a little over 30K AMPL coins past 10 minutes and received a little over $20K worth of USDT.

    There's a time to be greedy and a time to be fearful... The price action on AMPL past 3 days has been relentless selling of any rallies. I'm still holding over 90K of AMPL coins so when the price action turns around and the positive rebase starts again, I'll build up the stacks in no time, but for now, gotta protect profits. I'll sell some more tomorrow if this death-spiral continues.

    This price action has been predicted and explained in the first post on this thread YouTube video, stair steps price movement.
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    The thread seems to be getting some view hits so might as well keep this as a running journal, lol, plus the Cryptocurrencies forum is kinda dead, while the cryptoverse seems to be on a nice bull run.

    AMPL seems to have broken the death spiral, went up from the bottom low 60'sh cents to about $1.30'sh at the moment. I only have 86K AMPL coins coz of 2 days negative rebase (negative dividends due to the AMPL price being below 96 cents) and apparently I sold 5K more than I intended yesterday (37K AMPL's versus 32K)

    Today, we may get a positive rebase (dividend) of about 1-2% I won't know the exact figure until 9:30PM EST when it's finalized. It's based on Volume Weighted Average Price of the past 24 hours of the AMPL price, each 10 cents above $1.06 equates to 1% in rebase (dividend). I won't be selling any AMPL's today as I want to build up the stack to over 100K AMPL's

    I directed the sold AMPL's yesterday to bitcoin position, so 7 btc's now in the crypto portfolio
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    Cliff's notes please. If you flatten everything right now, will you have a profit net fees etc?
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    Cliff notes:

    1 Invested $45K, cashed out ~$100K, give or take, so about $55K profits so far
    a. Still have 88,596 AMPL coins in the wallet worth $110K (got a dividend of 2.15% today)

    2. Used DEXes uniswap and totle, fees are about $500-$1K but above numbers are net, they are blockchain recorded always using USDT for easy record keeping ($1 equivalence)

    If I flatten right now, about I guess $165K in profits minus about $100 in fees

    I'm out and about, but the long story on the DEXes is that uniswap charges about $8 per trade in AMPL coins, low gas fees (Ethereum blockchain transaction fees), totle has much better execution price as it's an aggregator (utilizing multiple DEXes and I think they make money on yield farming and liquidity pools, just read something to that effect, but totle charges very high gas fees due to multiple smart contract transactions, that goes to Ethereum miners.

    I'm a crypto guy, I have multiple positions, so all the $100K are just plowed into other positions, bitcoin being one of them, other positions are also gaining value. I had some "cash" USDT, but I thought about it, and naah, yolo, $ is crap, 100% invested in cryptos, the whole portfolio.
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    You might consider getting out now as we start nearing the meat of the election. Tough, I know. Let it ride or be conservative.

    $165K in profits? Hell, I'd be happy with that, unless you are used to making millions per year and have millions in the bank and can afford to throw away $165k like paper chattel.

    It's going to get cold soon. Paper currency puts out a lot of BTUs in the fireplace.
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    Not all $165K profits are at risk, Just the $110K worth of AMPL coins (well right now worth $105K).

    No, I'm not a millionaire, hoping the crypto portfolio gets me there, it's a 6 coin positions so not all eggs in one basket (as I had been at the beginning of the year). At the start of the year, portfolio was below 100K, now a little over 500K.

    The "plan" is once it hits 7 figures to cash out 200K, but crypto has a way of ruining plans, the flash crash in March that happened in the stock markets also caused a flash crash in crypto space my portfolio valuation went down from 300K+ to about 120K in a matter of days.

    I'm not rooting for the stock markets to crash as bitcoin is admittedly correlated. I rant about the Fed printing, but I'm on board with it, they inflate and prop up all markets/assets and unintentionally helping bitcoin and all cryptos with capital inflows to the space.
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