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    ampfutures offer three good platforms openecry (global AMP)
    Transact aT and CTS t4 (ran and X trader alsov offered)

    any opinion(clearing ,experience &) welcome ....

    Possibly account minimum lower as by openecry 5000$
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    OXPS and SWIM offer future ,price is expensiver and daytrading
    margin 50% not 500 $ for e-mini

    But OXPS and SWIM are pure agents of principals
    (not trade against clients interess) in relation to SEC instruments

    All pure future brokers involved in proprietary trading activities

    After future position closed by OXPS ,SWIM money can be switched to SIPC protected account . Remmember Refco,this was
    public noted and dissapeared in 5 days .

    Best variant is to trade greates part of capital
    from SEC broker and use AMP or xxx as some risky
    ventures for small part of capital .(as example 2000 $
    25 % of capital by AMP)

    Author have had conflict with owner SWIM

    Your respectfully