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  1. Tom631


    I've never ordered silver or gold coins online before but after searching I kind of liked AMPEX and that they take credit cards...

    Has anyone here used them and if so, would you recommend them? Is it possible if I ordered silver coins or bars that it really wouldn't be real silver? Another words, are there ripoffs by ordering online silver or gold or is AMPEX for sure on the up and up..

    Finally, is it less expensive buying silver or gold from a place online like AMPEX than going to a coin store in person?

    Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions/help.
  2. First of all, it's APMEX not AMPEX.

    Second of all, APMEX has no interest in selling you fake silver, nor to anyone else. They deal with industrial clients & jewelers as well. Do you really think they would risk being labeled a fraud just to skim a few hundred to a few thousand dollars from you?

    Third of all, APMEX is great company, I have dealt with them many times and usually take advantage of their specials when they have them.
  3. edpolton


    They are reputable. I have used them to sell bullion but I usually make purchases locally since my local dealers prices are about the same.

    When selling, they beat all the local guys in my area.
  4. Tom631


    Thanks for the correction!
  5. You should not use APMEX to sell bullion to, unless it's a large industrial quantity. I would suggest or Ebay. APMEX is a dealer, so expect to get below market price as they need to make their spread.
  6. I actually just ordered a few hundred silver oz coins from them on Wednesday. It was my first order with them and i hope to get my coins by early next week. They beat the dealers in my town by a lot. One guy was charging 1.49 over spot for silver coins....when i asked how much if i buy 500 coins worth, the said maybe he could do it for 1.10 over spot. APMEX sells for as low as .79 over spot. cant beat that!.