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  1. They must be ALL IN! no other charges.
    Not bad hey? For someone doing say 300 trades a month, will be saving like about $300 per month Vs. Tradestation, IB and others. Say that person is trading with $5,000 initial capital, the saving itself is 6% a month like 72% per year!!!!
    Amazing, how most people do not take into consideration the Cost of doing trading. The same trader who would have broken even with other brokers, had he shopped around for the best rates would have profited 72% at the end of the year instead of ZERO!

    Please, always bargain and negotiate rates, let's not reward the brokers who over charge us.
    That is how comms have fallen from $25 rt to $3.80 so far! They can still be lower...

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    Announcing today live streaming data from EUREX integrated with the Zen-Fire trading engine. The significance of this level of connectivity being available to the retail trading market is enormous. Customers seeking low latency and high speed trading can request a real time trading simulator from the AMP Trading site:

    “Streaming market data will finally allow traders to see the true volatility and opportunities in the Eurex markets.

    Enhanced Broadcast Solution (EBS)
    The new data feed EBS offers an innovative high-performance market data broadcast solution for un-netted public market data. The socket-based distribution mechanism features among others an order book depth of 10 for options (previously only inside market data was provided), an enhancement of order Book depth to 20 for benchmark futures (previously 10) and a new subscription model, allowing members to select individual market data of all product groups relevant for their business. Along with the launch of EBS, the new data feed CEF ultra+ of Deutsche Börse Market Data & Analytics was started. CEF ultra+ contains the same market depth as EBS but distributes Eurex trading data to non-Eurex members like data vendors also with lowest latency. It is enriched by a trade recovery functionality which is necessary for data vendors.

    AMP Trading is a premier Ninja Trader brokerage firm. We are pleased to offer the NinjaTrader platform powered by Zen-Fire, Trading Technologies and Ninja FX. Our support team is fully Ninja trained and eager to support you reach your trading goals. Call us today toll free 800-560-1640 / Int’l 001* 312-893-6400 and ask for “Mirek” for your “EliteTrader Special Rate” or register at
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