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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by AMP_Trading, Jul 28, 2008.

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    AMP Trading is the premier Ninja Trader brokerage firm. We are pleased to offer the Ninja Trader platform powered by Zen-Fire, Trading Technologies and Ninja FX. Our support team is fully Ninja trained and eager to support you reach your trading goals. Call us today toll free 800-560-1640 / Int’l 001* 312-893-6400 and ask for “Mirek” for your “EliteTrader Special Rate” or register at
  2. bibhupani


    Hi Mirek,

    Please tell me what is the 'Elite Trader Special Rate' for a Ninja/Zen-Fire or TT? I have $ 2500 to open an account and will start off with 1 ES contract only. Therefore, around 75-80 R/T per month.

    One ineresting observation though, why the TT fees are lower than Zen-Fire with NT platform? Yes, I want to see if you could offer a better price than what I got from a general enquiry on AMP website.

  3. tortoise


    I'd be interested as well. Same conditions. Thanks
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  5. bibhupani


    May be they did not recognise Mirek cause I didn't get any 'elite trader special rate' ;) It is the same to what I got as a normal enquiry on the website.

    BTW, could you please let us know why fees for NT/Zen-fire is higher than NT/TT?
  6. AMP_Trading

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    AMP charges are base, then will vary per technology cost
  7. bibhupani


    Then why are you advertising 'special rate' when the base rate is same for everyone?

    That's misleading I would say.

    Guys, BTW the commission rate is NT/Zen-fire $4.30 R/T and NT/TT $3.80 R/T (these are the basic rates which I believe is still very competitive).
  8. Must you continue with the cut and paste approach to advertising? It is nothing more than textual flatulence

    Try contributing something here. You are becoming an annoying 30 second commercial. Most sponsors at least put some value add
  9. I did contact Tirek with my large Vol. request and indeed he did give me the rate I was seeking which BTW had already got it from other broker too,
    I have already opened an account and look forward to trade with them as of Monday.
    FWIW, the retail rates quoted here by other posters is also very good for the vol. mentioned but mine is unbeatable... Global Futures can take a Hike... Tirek beat them to it by far.
    Thanks Tirek & AMP, BTW the most efficient too, they opened the account in one single day.

    Global futures, did I already tell you to go and take a hike? :D

  10. dunadain


    Did that rate already include Clearing & Exchange fees, or are those extra?
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