AMP trading... incompetent, overworked, or just doesn't care?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by aicohn, Sep 27, 2011.

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    I am at my wits end with AMP. A foreign broker opened an account on my behalf & I found I couldn't trade fx futures, after funding it. So I opened another account as they suggested, listing AMP as the broker and sent an email reply to "newaccounts" requesting they internally transfer the funds from the funded nonfunctional account to the new one, again as they suggested.

    3 more emails and 3 phone calls to amp later (cut off on two of the phone calls), it still hasn't been done. Granted, my account isn't huge, as I'm just dipping a toe into futures; my forex accounts in europe are still much larger. But is that a reason my request can't even be acknowledged? Though my fx accounts are much larger, that broker manages an internal transfer graciously and within a day.

    I was thinking about pulling out of AMP in favor of mirus and would be interested in hearing what others think. A week later & I still can't trade my AMP account & my blood pressure is about to make my head explode.
  2. Had not a single problem with Mirus.
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    I'll give Mirus a try. Hopefully will go better than AMP & I won't have to go to NFA arbitration to get my deposit back from AMP... I mean if transfer from one account to another within AMP is such an ungodly hassle what act of god will it take to get an outgoing bank wire??
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    Hi Aaron,

    Unfortunately the Foreign IB that you opened your initial account with AMP is compliantly unable to allow its customers to trade US markets.

    As I explained in our numerous email conversations, I would assist you with the transfer of your account to AMP directly.

    This process has been completed and you will receive your live trading credentials for your new AMP trading account will be email by 7:30am CST.

    You are also free to withdraw your funds at anytime, as long as the request is received by 1pm CST, the funds will be sent the same day.

    Please continue to contact me directly with any questions: or 312 893 7700