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  1. Jack W

    Jack W

    Hoping I can get some color from members who've traded with one or both of these firms. Like everything else, I hear mixed reviews on both. I'm experienced, and just looking to scalp small to keep me busy. (Retired floor trader) Have talked to NT rep on phone, good guy for sure. Have had back n forth email with AMP, and everything seems solid.

    That said, I would really appreciate any thoughts from you folks. The one thing that is bugging me about AMP is that they don't offer two step login verification. Not sure if NT does or not. I traded through IB for years, but their data is so throttled, as a scalper in ES, NQ, ZB, and CL, I was mostly a day late and a dollar short. The data feed from CQG from both AMP and NT demos is so much faster, it's really nice.

    TIA for any thoughts, good, bad, or indifferent.
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  2. Times


    Well AMP has more choices and even offers to match or beat other brokers commissions. They offer multiple free platforms my favorites being TradingView and Sierra Charts.

    My only complaint with AMP is they have high commissions $9.60RT for their $300 margin. But it seems(and please correct me if im wrong) they are the only broker that offers this which is a shame.
  3. Jack W

    Jack W

    Times, I won't be using $300 margins. I already know what my commish will be if I decide to go with AMP. Very competitive. I'm on their Multicharts demo now and like it a lot. I'll check out the other ones. Thanks.
  4. Tasuki


    My experience with NT was disastrous. I'm a daytrader who uses multiple indicators and who likes to mark up his charts (trendlines, fib extensions, etc). January of last year I went live with NT8 and quickly found that their order entry bogs down very very badly when you have multiple monitors with multiple charts and indicators. At the time their forum was chock full of other traders who were experiencing the same slowdown, so it wasn't just my setup. To add insult to injury, Ninjatrader forum administrators started deleting our posts rather than fix the problem! After only a month I had to drop NT and go back to Tradestation which is a much more robust program and can handle all kinds of charts and indicators without slowing down. Tradestation's tech support is not nearly as friendly as the folks at Ninjatrader, but the quality of the platform is obviously much more important! Just my two cents.
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  5. I'm happy using NT8 and NT Brokerage (Dorman), but would probably go for AMP and some other software if I were you. I'm "married" to NT8, hence why I went this route.

    My experience isn't as bad as @Tasuki 's, BUT, NT8 seems like a poor platform at the time being and I'm finally experiencing many of the issues people reported on NT7 which I personally never experienced when I was using NT7.

    For the time being, it is working for me, but I am keeping a close eye on things and am not really happy with NT8. It was supposed to have improved performance, but to me, it's the other way around. Also, my indicators tend to disappear from my charts for no good reason when reloading my workspaces.

    One option is to actually use NT7. I know a trader who does this. He developed some stuff for NT7 which works like a charm and see no reason to switch for as long as NT7 is supported.

    I can however say that I had no issues last week for example. So it's not a complete disaster. But there's been enough minor issues that it have me concerned/annoyed. And I'd rather not have that. But sticking with them for now.
  6. carrer


    I feel that Ninja Trader is slow and bloated, probably because it was written in a higher level language (.NET).

    Sierra Charts on the other hand is smooth and fast. Probably because it was written in a lower level language (C/C++).

    Always look for platforms that are written in lower languages like C/C++ because they will be fast and smooth.
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  7. speedo


    I didn't like NT8 for several reasons, went back to NT7 and have no issues.
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  8. schweiz


    I also prefer by far to stay with NT7 at this moment.
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  9. I waited a long time before making the change continuing to use NT7. As I was creating some custom indicators, I decided I'd go for NT8 and figured it was ready for use. Many people claimed it to be a great improvement, but to me it wasn't.

    The only improvement for me is the ability to tile charts Excel style in one window. Makes it much easier to navigate your workspace. But I know there's an add-in on NT7 which does precisely that.
  10. speedo


    I haven't looked at NT8 in a couple of years but I didn't like the printing format or quality, found the instrument manager clunky and the DOM looked a graphic out of something called Day Trading for Dummies.
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