AMP or MIRUS or other - I need someone that speaks italian

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  1. I tried NINJA ZEN and NINJA TT

    Both are great and I love them.
    The granularity is awesome

    Unfortunately I don't speak english

    Does anybody know what brokers offer those trading platforms with a help desk in italian?

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    you seem to type english pretty well though
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    I am interested in the same thing. I am with Global now and have X-Trader but would like to switch to Ninja. Global uses the PAT system with NiNJA and from what I have heard is not as stable and/or as fast as the TT data feed. Global maybe you can answer this question.
  5. If your internet connection lags at times NT & ZF is the better choice. I have tried both from Australia.
  6. Mirus lists RCG, and RCG at least has a webpage in Italian. If they're actively looking for Italian customers, they ought to have an appropriate help desk.


    - palinuro

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    You don`t appear to have addressed this issue.

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    Who cares Fearless, maybe a friend types for him
  9. I've contacted RCG via email, and they confirmed that the help desk in italian is unavailable

    From what I know, nobody speaks italian at Mirus or AMP

    It looks like the only choice for me is Global or Infinity, but PATS is an old technology

    I'd like to trade with NINJA ZEN or at least Ninja TT
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