AMP News: NEW TT now has Chart Trading (Just Released)

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    NEW TT | Introduction to Chart Trading

    The Chart widget provides you with the ability to enter orders directly within the chart, as well as monitor and interact with the markets by displaying fills and working orders. When you enable trading in a chart, an order pane is shown on the side of the chart for easy access to accounts, order types, time in force, position, and order quantity fields. Bids and Asks columns are placed within the widget for quick and easy single-click order placement. Filled and working orders are visible and actionable from within the widget.

    *NEW-TT Standard & Pro Edition - Try Free Demo >>

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    If you need any assistance with the initial setup or would lke a one-on-one walk-through of the NEW TT Features, please contact our 24 hour help desk via Phone or Live CHAT:

    Happy Trading!

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    Futures and Options Trading is not suitable for all investors, and involves risk of loss.
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  2. Nice. Can you attach chart trading stop/limit order to an indicator or S/R level?
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    Currently this is not available. We will submit to TT as a feature request.

    Thank you. Please keep the suggestions coming. TT is very active and quick in adding new features into NEW TT.
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  4. I was playing around with this new chart trader. The OCO does not have any trailing stop options. Please add to my TT wish list.
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    Great. This was already on our NEW TT features request list.

    We will keep you up to date when new features are released.

    Please keep the suggestions coming.
  6. Loving the TT platform, its going to be difficult using other platforms after this.

    Just had a couple of suggestions also which aren't really necessary but would be icing on the cake in a future release.

    1. Global crosshairs, i.e. crosshairs that sync across multiple charts with different intervals (time-frames) for a single instrument

    2. Custom intervals (time-frames). e.g 180, 240 min etc

    3. Ability to change bar width
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    Got it and adding to our features request list.

    TT has been very good in implementing and open to all our customers request. Please keep them coming.
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