AMP, how could you?

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    Ok, guys....this is really getting out of scope. AMP has always been extremely risk management focused.
    1. This customer's account was not closed due to the account balance. It was closed for compliance reasons.
    2. We did have 8 customers caught in the May Crude - Negative pricing situation. This did NOT affect our operations or cause us any liquidity issues.
    We actually took the time to figure out updated risk management for this new negative pricing reality (to try to help our customer NOT get into this situation again).

    We are seeing more "fake news" campaign started on another forum by its hostile owner. He is trying to start another defamation campaign in order to please his sponsors - who are AMP competitors or generate any activity in his dead forum or it is just personal (all is our opinion).

    Also "fake news" that we are not accepting big accounts. We are NOT closing accounts due to their size.

    As previously stated, we have no account maximum and as low as $100 account minimum. We support all our customers like professionals - both BIG and SMALL.

    We have been here for over 12+ years providing direct support and clear, accurate answers to ET users. So again, continue to ask us anything...(except about internal compliance procedures) ;)

    We are continuing to grow and expand our services for our customers. We are in the final stages of releasing very BIG solution.

    Please beware of "fake news" - just ask us!
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    Due to formal legal matters, the thread is now closed.
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