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  1. Franz


    right now EURUSD 1,09951 - 1,09953 not that bad I think ....
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  2. AMP_Global

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    We have done industry analysis and we are for sure setup to be the best solution for traders.
    1. Spreads are dynamic - NO MARK-UPS
    2. Commissions are provided to all our customers what most other firms call "VIP Pricing" - ALL AMP Global Customers are VIPs!!
    3. We offer the super low Commissions and Day Trade Margins for the REAL Exchange-Traded Futures (CME Micros), Forex and CFD - All-In-One MT5 account
    So from a competitive and customer's perspective, we believe AMP Global is the best option.

    Use any of these Banking Options:

    Here are the commissions:

    Here is the link to AMP Global (Europe) Futures Margins:

    Please test the Full Real-time Demo for yourself:

    We look forward to supporting you reach your trading goals!
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  3. Franz


    € 1.68 rt in Bunds :D
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  4. sakisf


    You should be more transparent with fees. I opened an account at Global-Cyprus because I can not transfer to the US easily now as swift payments are being returned due to changes in my bank. I made a deposit to Global via CC and was charged 3.2% of the deposit - nowhere to be seen on the site other than "Processing fee, details in terms below" but there is nothing in terms. Was paying less when transferring to US Amp having to pay my bank for the exchange from EUR to USD and intermediary expense for the SWIFT. There are like 1-3 brokers left in Europe charging for incoming CC transfers, Amp being one of them.
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  5. AMP_Global

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    yes, AMP Global (Europe) banking options are alot more available than AMP Global (USA).

    This is really helpful and convenient for all of our customers coming in from emerging markets and allows for funding 24 hours per day (not limited to only receiving deposits during banking hours).

    Here is the full list of available banking options:

    You can currently fund your AMP Global (Europe) account in USD, EUR, GBP, RUB or PLN.

    In your AMP Global (Europe) client portal, please login and Click "Documents" > "Broker Forms". You will see all of the Account Fee Details (Banking, Trading, Exchange Data).
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  6. sakisf


    Ok, now I see them. Quite steep. So now the question is why is AmpGlobal charging so high incoming & outgoing payments within EU area. SEPA payments inside EU (Cyprus is a member of) are free - both incoming / outgoing. When someone withdraws with SEPA they should get 0 fees, or maybe something very very low (administrative). Also most reputable brokers in Europe charge nothing for incoming/outgoing SEPA, CC & Skrill payments.

    fxflat (de)

    With Amp you are already in 5% fees/loss as soon as you add money with a CC (because you also have to withdraw this amount with the same CC if withdrawal request comes within 60 days - EU rules). Also if you add more than 1k EUR with bank payment you are again 1% down.

    From my experience with AMP US I know you do not do shady stuff, so I guess it's either your (CY - greedy people) service provider or your payment provider screwing with these charges. Perhaps you should reconsider them or at least put them somewhere more visible (i.e. on the website instead of the personal space).
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  7. AMP_Global

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    That is correct. If you prefer to make deposit via SEPA payments (within EU) are FREE.

    Please make sure you are comparing as they say "apples to apples"...

    AMP has been supporting our customers trade the REAL Exchange-Traded Futures for approx. 15 years.
    We offer our customers super low commissions and day trade margins as low as possible versus:
    • i.e. fxlat (de) - absorbing banking fees and charging very high per trade commissions
    • i.e. tickmill - does NOT offer REAL Exchange-Traded Futures.
    Thank you for your feedback. We will keep everyone posted on our New Services coming soon!
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  8. sakisf


    I am not making a comparison on the offered services - I am a customer in all 3 for different products.

    Just asking why AMP is charging for deposits / withdrawals while most in Europe don't (and not saying it on their website). Actually with these charges it's still cheaper for someone to go with AMP US, unless as you said he is using SEPA only.
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  9. AMP_Global

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    In our opinion, the main advantage of AMP Global (Europe) vs AMP Global (USA) and any other i.e. firm comparison... is your ability to trade REAL Exchange-Traded Futures, Forex, Cryptos-CFD - All-In-One account -

    All-In-One account > You can trade All of these REAL Futures Exchanges around the world:
    • CME
    • CBOT
    • COMEX
    • NYMEX
    • CFE/CBOE - VIX
    • EUREX
    • ICE
    • Osaka - Japan (JPX)
    • Singapore Exchange (SGX)
    • Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)
    • Hong Kong (HKEX)
    + Plus All of these Forex, Crypto-CFD Markets:

    + Plus you can use any of these Banking Options:
    + Plus you get super low commissions:

    + Plus you get excellent Futures Margins:

    + Plus AMP Customers get StereoTrader for FREE!

    Get your FREE StereoTrader:
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  10. naf1s


    Please make sure you are comparing as they say "apples to apples"... thats true.. sure AMP is big strong fcm,

    Main difference , IF YOU COMPARE The Eurex Exchange with fxflat and AMP-EU Franchise

    AMP-EU has very low per trade commissions on eurex EX: with AMP BUND 1.68/RT FXFLAT 3.8/RT

    AND with FXFLAT very low Intraday MARGIN on eurex ex: 250 Eur on bund and FESX 150eur FGBM AND with amp is 500eur .

    anyway we hope amp-Eu makes lower eurex margins, platform improvements, add another professional platform .

    hope that helps
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