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    Hello. The specific motivation is to have a local presence in Europe. Following our existing business from AMP Global Clearing (USA), we saw a definite demand for a local office in Europe due to the time differences, diverse languages through out Europe and the ability to trade Exchange-Traded Futures, Forex and CFDs - All in One Account. See Example Videos -

    Why Cyprus? We originally filed our application with FCA (UK) and during the final stage of approval Brexit happened. Our business expansion plans were to open an office to be able to quickly and easily support all our EU customers, with the Brexit uncertainty we decided to change our Europe Office registration to Cyprus.

    With all of the big firms already operating in Cyprus, we were able to hire really solid, experienced operations staff that are looking to expand their skills into the Exchange-Traded Futures industry.

    One feature we really like about the AMP Global (EU) registration in Cyprus is the Investor Compensation Fund. In addition to all Client Funds Segregated (like in the USA), there is insurance per client up to 20'000 EUR.

    Back to the original question...what is the difference between Cyprus, UK and USA? From our experience, probably due to us bringing the Exchange-Traded Futures and our business operations from Chicago to Europe...we are having all the same type of conversations between all of our contacts in Cyprus, UK and USA. It is all one big Financial world.
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  2. CALLumbus


    Any plans to add other platforms, like Sierra Chart, TT or Rithmic ? I think you could attract so many more clients if you would offer more than that very basic MT5 ...
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    I had the same question that was previously asked, and what callumbus said is totally right..,
    my point of view MT5 is good for swing trading, but not good for scalping futures.
    That will be very interesting if amp EU add a profesional platform as fxflat did ..
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    blanket statements do not mean anything!

    if you mean trying to make a few ticks and risking a few ticks..or..trying to compete with the algos and hft traders..then yes..MT5 is not good for that..but neither are the other platforms I have tested..such as IB TWS..Sierra Charts..Multicharts..CQG Qtrader..and a few more

    if you mean short term trading as in trying to make a few points and risking a few points..then no..MT5 is good for that..but it would be wise to use the good free tools that AMP offer with MT5..such as StereoTrader..which I find as good as any of the other platforms for entering orders..modifying orders and positions..and closing out trades!

    in fact..there is a very handy feature in StereoTrader that I have not seen on any other platforms to just shows what you can find if you are willing to put the time and effort into testing various different platforms to see which one suits you best for the way you trade!!!

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    Yes, as you know with AMP Global (USA) we offer customers over 40+ trading platforms - we are very comfortable and experienced in support all of these trading platforms, but Exchange-Traded Futures markets only.

    The difference with AMP Global (Europe) is the ability traded Exchange-Traded Futures, FX and CFDs all in one account. To get all these market operational in one account, is very nice with MetaTrader 5 and with the addition of FREE is now a Full featured trading platform, for both Automated Trading (EA), Thousands of Indicators and active trading tools.

    If you have not tested MT5 with StereoTrader > no longer "very basic" - here is link for FREE trial -
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  6. plassma


    Hi i have opened and funded a real account with Amp Eu how ver I am able to trade only fx and cfds I have enabled the data for the futures but unable to add future symbols/see the futures exchange can some one let me know how do i resolve this issue?
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    Glad to see you have been setup. Yes, it does require an additional step to enabled Exchange Data.

    Happy Trading!
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  8. stork


    What does it mean "require an additional step to enabled Exchange Data"
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  9. stork


    it's working now
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  10. I opened an account a month ago and so far I'm impressed. My biggest issue is the lack of options on futures.

    - MT5
    - Reliable feeds, fast execution, etc.
    - Low cost commissions
    - Good, fast support
    - Was able to withdraw funds without issue

    - Charges for deposits/withdrawals to trading account from UK are a bit steep
    - Exchange traded options not offered
    - Margins shown in MT5 don't seem accurate. I had some positions liquidated in futures despite MT5 showing available margin
    - Migration to their new client website lost stored information and seems less functional
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