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    What? This is not accurate. Please PM your AMP EU account number to verify.

    We are very proud of this unique solution. We have many non-USA customers trading all markets, Exchange-Traded Futures, Forex and CFDs all-in-one account.

    Our Solution Streams 3 Top-Tiers Liquidity providers and Exchange-Traded Futures - all on the same screen, for you to decide which is the best order execution in real-time. Watch this video to see examples of this unique trading access: Trading Different Symbols with AMPEU/MT5

    Here is the exact pricing that is setup by default:

    Execution Delay - how? It is the same Exchange-Trade Routes we use as our AMP USA customers and all of our Forex/CFD price feeds are top tier.

    We have taken great care to create AMP Global (Europe) - bringing all of our experience of supporting Exchange-Traded Futures to the Forex/CFD trading industry.

    Open to all Feedback.

    Happy Trading!
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  2. jagui


    You should have replied this fast to my ticket :)

    First let me state that I am not against AMP in any way. Some years ago I was a client of AMP USA and all was good.

    I do like the offer of AMP EU, in fact I opened an account almost as soon as I discovered it.

    I also waited for some days before writing the previous post, to give AMP enough time to answer my ticket. I also had an online chat session to ask for an answer to my ticket, and still waited some other days after that. I tried to be constructive and still I am.

    First, this is the ticket I am referring to:


    1) About the session hours problem, I just opened MT5 in this very moment and I noticed that session times have been corrected. So why not answer my ticket saying "we have corrected session hours", I would have replied with "well done!".

    2) Symbols without TICK_VALUE and TICK_SIZE properly set still exist. This will cause many scripts and expert advisors to not work properly. For example, look at this symbol settings:


    3) Commissions for exchange symbols are still 10 times higher than prime broker symbols, because exchange forex symbols have a contract size of 10k, while prime broker symbols have a contract size of 100k, so to trade one regular 100k forex lot, you can trade 1 prime broker lot or 10 exchange lots. See this screenshots:




    => this is 10x commissions to trade the same size.

    So, please fix these issues and I may give another try.
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    Hi thank you for your screen shots. This makes it clear what you are reporting.

    1) yes, since the Exchange-Traded Futures are running on GMT server time stamps, we adjusted all symbols to be set to GMT so all are in sync.

    2) yes, the commissions are charged on volume <not contract size>. This works the same way when you increase the volume or decrease the volume. If you wanted to reduce the .PB contract size down to match the .X contract size....the .PB commission would be reduced by the volume...for example if you traded 0.10 volume EURUSD.PB = .10 commission.

    3) These parameters doesn't effect the trading parameters, because of the calculation type 'CFD' selected for this symbol. But since you have explained how it would be needed, we will fill these two parameters to not leave them empty. We can set there 0.01 for tick size and 0.1 for tick value respectively. This will be done before tomorrow US trading session (we will post update here once completed)

    Sorry for the confusion, we thought the support staff was able to explain this to you via Live Chat session.

    Thank you again for your clear explanation. We look forward to making this trading solution better and better for our customers!
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  4. jagui


    Thank you for your answer, I appreciate it.

    Regarding the commissions charged by volume, this still is a problem, because forex traders trade size, not volume. The "standard size" is the 100k forex lot.

    With .PB symbols you pay 1.00 roundturn for a 100k lot, which is a very low commission, compared with the rest of retail forex brokers, which are usually set at 4.00 roundturn or more, not counting discounts. I would say that 1.00 roundturn is disruptive and that this is the main reason I opened the account.

    On the other side, with .X symbols, you pay 10.00 roundturn to trade the same "standard forex lot" that all traders consider to be the standard forex lot. This is completely out of market. More than double of the industry average. No one would trade it, certainly not me.

    This force the trader to ignore .X symbols in favor of .PB symbols, so .X symbols are not a viable alternative.
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  5. jagui


    I also noticed that there are many symbols with positive swap for both the long and the short side. I wonder if this is intended...
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    Updated. TICK_VALUE and TICK_SIZE for CFDs have been added for both the .X and .PB symbols. / .LP symbols will be completed by tomorrow US market open.

    Regarding the commissions for .X > AMP is always working to be the cheapest...we will evaluate the pricing logic and figure out how to get the .X symbols priced to match the .PB symbols.

    Thank you for the valuable feedback!
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  7. Franz



    looks like you made experiences with the real money MT5 account. Would you mind telling us how wide the spread in EURUSD is?
    #17     Feb 1, 2019
  8. toby400


    Any updates from EUROPEAN Traders on experience trading the platform for FUTURES - Indicies in particular?
    #18     Jul 31, 2019
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    We are happy to inform you that we have launched an agreement with StereoTrader - ALL AMP Global (Europe) CUSTOMERS - Both LIVE and DEMO get Full Access for FREE!!

    StereoTrader - A scalable Interface for MetaTrader 5.

    Designed for professional Trading of Exchange-Traded Futures, CFDs and the Forex-Markets. (FREE for AMP Global Customers)

    Watch Quick Getting Started Video and Download Now - Instant Access >>

    • Exchange-Traded Futures, FX and CFD Trading
    • Quick access Scalping-Terminal
    • Volume Profile and DoM in/on the Chart
    • Advanced Order Types incl. Limit-Pullback-Order
    • Advanced Day-trading Statistics
    • Stop-loss and Order Trailing
    • Algorithmic Grid Trading
    • Exit automation (based on Time/Equity/growth)
    • Fully Automated Strategies (StereoMQL)

    We work as a 24 hour support team. Everyone is fully trained in all AMP platform/services.

    If you need any assistance, please contact our 24 hour help desk in real-time via Live CHAT

    Happy Trading!

    AMP Global (Europe)
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  10. bd10


    Is there any specific motivation to have AMP Global Europe based out of Cyprus subject to their local financial regulators? Could only think of CFDs really. How does Cypriot law compare to the US or UK and what are the implications for clients? If for example one were to hold an account in Cyprus, would US law still apply, such as non-conflict of interest (FINRA 3210) to name one?
    #20     Aug 5, 2019