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    I have seen that AMP has now finished the process of setting up its new european entity (AMP Global Ltd) on Cyprus.

    What will happen with existing customers at AMP Global Clearing LLC (AMP Global USA), especially clients from Europe, will they keep their accounts with AMP USA, or will the accounts be transferred to the new AMP Global Ltd Cyprus ?
    What about new clients from Europe, can they still open accounts with AMP Global USA ?

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    Yes we are excited to Launch AMP Global (Europe) to our group of companies.

    AMP Global (Europe) is built from our experience of operating a Chicago-USA based Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). We are now excited to offer our non-USA customers an opportunity to trade the World's Regulated Futures Exchanges + Forex and CFD Markets with our All-in-One Metatrader 5 Account!

    This is not a replacement nor any changes for AMP Global Clearing (USA).

    It is growth/expansion for AMP to be able to provide our non-USA citizen customers access to localized support, banking options and more asset classes to trade .

    We have created this diagram to clearly show this expansion of the AMP Global Companies:

    All existing AMP Global Clearing (USA) customers can remain as-is or open an additional account at AMP Global (Europe) to take advantage of the expanded available markets.

    Available Markets to trade at AMP Global (Europe) using AMP's All-In-One MetaTrader 5 trading platform:
    • Exchange-Traded Futures
    • FOREX
    • CFDs
    • Crypto CFDs

    As always, we are here 24 hours per day to support our customers, if you have any questions or would like more information on AMP Global (Europe) - please visit our website.

    Happy Trading!
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    Thank you for the feedback.

    So a trader from europe can decide if he wants to open an account with AMP USA or AMP Europe ?
    Is the AMP cost calculator valid for both clients of AMP USA and AMP Europe ? Are special offers like 2K-membership also available for AMP Europe clients ?
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    Correct. Traders from Europe can decide if they want their account to be at AMP USA or AMP Europe or have accounts at both.

    Yes, Same pricing across both clients of AMP USA and AMP Europe.
    Yes, we will offer the same special pricing offers for AMP Europe Clients.
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  5. Hello AMP, as a European customer will I be able to use the Sierra charting platform? or is my only option the MT5 platform?
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  7. Thanks, I am experienced with MT4 but I need to use the Sierra platform.