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  1. Im looking to move from trading with a spreadbetting company(CMC) to a direct access broker to trade the ES.

    Being from a spreadbet backgroud I dont know quite what to expect and have some questions.

    AMP futures have quite a low minimum account balance and can be usew with ninjatrader so they are top of my possible list so far.

    Do I need to pay for a data feed? How much? How do I pay for they take the money from my trading account once its set up, or do I set up a direct debit with my bank or something?

    It says on the AMP website that the 'ninjatrader direct' platform is free, but I heard someone on this site say that it wasn't. Can anyone confirm?
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    ninja is $60 a month paid three months forward if i remember correctly or $900 lifetime
  3. From their site:

    Fully licensed Depth of Market Trading Window, Real-Time Charts and more.

    2) NINJA TRADER - $60/MONTH.
    Brackets, Trailing Stops, OCO's plus many other Advanced Order Strategies.

    (is the above correct?) I sure I heard someone say even though it says free, that is isn't?
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    if trading live it's not free anymore
  5. very misleading website in that case.
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    don't get me wrong i trade w/ amp and really like ninjatrader...though i have seen phantom orders appear after one of my stops was hit... since i am always watching the charts during trades it hasn't caused a problem... this is rare but worth noting...
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    that's not how i understood it.

    I think AMP provide a free licence key for Ninja Direct for live trading if you go with the zen fire feed and clear through Dorman. I think Ninja Direct lacks some of the trade management features of the full version.

    Probly best to contact AMP to clarify.
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    you may be right... i use TT.... op should give them a call
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    At AMP they have Ninja with trading technologies an with zen-fire, so with TT u have to pay the $60 a month, but with Zen-fire u can trade with a free version of Ninja. The difference is that with TT you will have the OCO, trailing stops ….. And with the free version no!!!
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    AMP/Ninja/TT - $60/mth or buy NInja
    Amp/Ninja/Zen - NInja is free, but your com. will be higher then above.
    Amp/AMP global platform (open ecry platform) - no data or platform fees, lowest com., but highest margin requirements.
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