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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by fluideq, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. fluideq


    does anybody reccomend them if not why?

    and who comws highly recomended?
  2. I use them and am happy with them. They have a choice of platforms (neither of which is free). I use NinjaTrader with ZenFire, which is very fast. Order execution seems to be decent.
  3. Further to the last post, one of my orders (a sell to exit) got filled in the night at a price that was 2 points better than my limit! (YM trade). That would NEVER have happened at IB, and I've used them long enough to know.

    So, for the moment at least, count me an even happier AMP client.
  4. Better to trade directly with FCM...

    Get set up on J-Trader. Problem solved!
  5. Surdo


    I DO NOT like AMP's aggressive marketing techniques, and am a very satisfied Mirus customer!
  6. I get some magical fills with amp as well although my last broker was PFG so I might be easy to please.

    Only problem I see is the commission can be a bit high when compared to IB unbundled rates...
  7. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    I hear that. Once, I politely told the gentleman calling me that I prefer any further communications regarding new and 'exciting' products to be conducted through e mail. POOF! The phone calls ended, not that they were so frequent as to truly annoy me, but petty nonetheless.

    Back to point, Dorman is the FCM for these brokers if I am not mistaken and their commisions are competitive, so AMP, Mirus, Dorman...yeah, they're all good. And in all fairness, the few times I needed assistance at AMP, they were prompt, polite and courteous, and seemed genuinely interested in helping me with my problem.
  8. stinger


    I'm really happy with Amp. I trade es and nq and the fills are good on market orders (I usually do limits). I wish they had EFT though. That is their only problem imop. Always someone on the phone to help you.