AMP Futures | Why CQG Datafeed? CQG hardware in Frankfurt, Germany

Discussion in 'Events' started by AMP_Trading, Jan 18, 2013.

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    Traders choose CQG because they trust the data's quality, accuracy, and reliability for 30 years!

    CQG hardware in Greenwich and Basildon in the UK (outside of London) and in Frankfurt, Germany.

    CQG Data Centers located around the world: Chicago, London, Singapore, Australia

    CQG continues to have the highest commitment to providing reliable accurate data. Primary and fail-over data centers worldwide ensure uninterrupted market data distribution. A data quality group monitors ther global data network 24 hours a day to ensure the customers get the clean data they need, when they need it.

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  2. i read somewhere that CQG first routes Eurex orders through NYC despite having hardware in Europe. Makes execution a little slower than what it could be

    Is this true?
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    Per CQG's previous response to this question, not true.

    "The only contracts are VIX that we route to NY".
  4. do you guys have reduced margin requirements for spread trades?

    support any exchange traded spreads?
  5. Can you please tell me answers for the following questions ?

    For the minimum latencies in Eurex Trading (order handling) via AMP/CQG do I have to locate my server to Frankfurt or London ?
    Am I getting the quotes from Frankfurt or London ?
    Any Risk control or other needs to exchange data packets between the Europe and US which could effect to the latencies while trading ?
  6. After 2 years of waiting I can give you a simple answer for all of those questions:
    AMP/CQG is an excellent choice for low latencies in US trading but in Europe you have to use other options.