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    New MultiCharts.NET Special Edition!

    Our NEW Special Version of the Award Winning - MultiCharts includes all of these features for FREE - No Monthly Platform Fees!
    • Free Historical Charting – 5 years back data
    • Free Chart Trading with One-Click
    • Free Drag-n-Drop (ATM) - Exit Strategies on DOM & Charts
    • Free Automated Trading & Strategy Optimization
    • Free 10 Levels Deep – Bid/Ask Prices
    • Free Market Replay – Tick-by-Tick
    • Free Server-Side OCO, Bracket, Trailing Stop Orders And More.....

    View this weeks Schedule for Live Training Webinars >>

    Download FREE Real-Time Demo of NEW MultiCharts Special Edition

  2. jharmon


    What is the difference betweeen MultiCharts.Net Special Edition offered by AMP Futures and Multicharts DT and Multicharts as shown on:

    Am I restricted to using data just from AMP Futures or can I use any of the data sources compatible with MultiCharts?

    Is this an introductory offer or will the free monthly use continue forever?

    What happens if my account is "Inactive" all month - will MultiCharts.Net still continue to operate?
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    AMP's New FREE Special Edition of MultiCharts.NET is the full version, except Easy Language is removed. If you are going to import or develop indicators or automated strategies in Easy Language you will need to use the Full version of MultiCharts, which is also available with your AMP account if you want to use. In this version, you can fully develop or import your custom indicators and automated strategies in C# and VB.NET. If you would like programming documentation for this version, please email

    For Live Trading, you can connect to all AMP datafeeds: CQG, Rithmic, TTNet

    Yes, supplemental data feeds are compatible. All 3 AMP Data feeds include Historical Chart Data for FREE.

    This is not an introductory offer. AMP has signed a 5 year Enterprise license with MultiCharts. This is how we are able to offer this to our customers for FREE.

    As all AMP accounts, NO Inactivity Fees, NO Monthly Volume Requirements :)
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  4. JamesL


    Are these webinars recorded for later viewing? Youtube channel?
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  6. CJV123


    This is a *great* offer.

    Since stops are held server-side, one test will be to see if AMP's servers do a decent job with them.
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  8. About Excel integration: see this link. According to this, "RTD is provided only for MultiCharts and MultiCharts .NET, will not work in MC for TWS, MC .NET for TWS and MultiCharts .NET Special Edition."